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Welcome to is a niche search engine specialized in searching for OE numbers for a large number of brands and car models. Currently we have more than 450.000 OE numbers indexed, and our partners deliver spareparts in all of Europe in a maximum of 2-3 days.

Our goal is to to become the most complete OE number seach facility in the world.

What does OEM mean, and what os an OE-number?

OEM stands for “Original Equipment”, which means products produced by the original producer. In other words, an original spare part.

When you wish to order a spare part for your car, all you need is the OE-number (Original Equipment number), which means you are searching for a specific part, but not from a specific producer. The part can be made by the original producer, for example Ford, but it can also be made by unoriginal producers.

The OE-number is to be considered an identification number for a specific part, but not made by a specific producer. In fact, there can be many producer of one specific spare part. One example is the a “spark plug”. Bosch is one of the world major producers of spark plugs, but there are other producers as well. One specific spark plug that is used in Toyota can be used in Honda as well, but can have the same OE-number (in some cases).

That same spare part can also have several EO-numbers. Let´s take the Toyota and Honda example again. Toyota might call their spark plug one EO-number, while Honda calls it something else, but in fact it is the exact same spare part.

When you use your site for searching for spare parts you can see both the producers and all the OE-numbers each product have.

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